Best Poster Award for Martín Lagares

Martín Lagares won the Best Poster Award at the ICTP Workshop on Scattering Amplitudes and Cosmology in Trieste. His poster shows some properties of scattering amplitudes in the framework of a useful toy-model theory. Martín visited our group in 2022 and will join us again this summer.

An unprecedented precision has been reached in Particle Physics experiments over the last decades. This has stimulated the study of new and more efficient ways to compute scattering amplitudes, which are directly related to the probabilities of the different outcomes in Collider Physics experiments. A case in point is the discovery that in various theories scattering amplitudes are obtained from the volume of certain mathematical objects known as positive geometries. In this work Martín Lagares, together with Johannes Henn and Shun-Qing Zhang, studied some of the consequences that arise from this geometric description, in particular in the context of the ABJM Theory.

Photo by Axel Griesch
May 12, 2023