SAGEX School

The SAGEX Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN is organizing a school devoted to applications of Mathematica and Maple to the area of quantum scattering amplitudes within theoretical physics. Yang Zhang, one of our collaboration partners, will give a lecture series on: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry.

The School will be held entirely online, via Zoom, from January 4-13, 2021, on Central European Time.  It is directed at graduate students and younger postdocs in theoretical particle physics and mathematical physics with a background and interest in scattering amplitudes.

Further information, along with registration and application links, are to be found here.

A limited number of students from outside the SAGEX network will be invited to attend. Prompt applications would be appreciated, and should in any case arrive before December 10, 2020 to ensure full consideration.

December 3, 2020