This is how things in particle physics might start

Minho (Luke) Kim from the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge is working on a summer project in the Scattering Amplitudes group. He has finished his undergraduate studies in Natural Sciences this year and explores now the world of theoretical particle physics. During his project with our group he gets support from
Kai Yan. Luke shared his personal experiences as he starts his research. Thank you!

Luke, how did you decide to do your summer project with Scattering Amplitudes? 

I started studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge in 2017. During my three years of undergraduate I specialized bit by bit in Physics. I tested as many fields as possible like atomic physics, machine learning, condense matter and particle physics. Before starting my Masters I decided to find out more about particle physics and the mathematical world of scattering amplitudes. This is why I contacted Johannes – and here I am.

What is the goal of your summer project?

Together with my advisor we are learning techniques on calculating Feynman loop-integrals for predicting observables at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. These observables are used for testing the
Standard Model.

What are your plans for the future?

I will proceed with my Masters and go deeper into the research. I still have to make some decisions about which direction to take but this will definitely be in theoretical physics. I find Theory incredibly fun, but also beautiful. It is certainly challenging and filled with struggles, but when you actually get the results the satisfaction is immense. I hope I can enjoy this field for decades to come!

September 15, 2020