When you look at the sky – and find new calculations

Paolo Benincasa and William Torres Bobadilla search for what happened during the early stage of the universe. They use methods developed in particle physics, in particular they connect the mathematical objects of scattering amplitudes to the wavefunction of the universe, a function which describes its evolution. By combining these two mathematical objects the scientists create a new way of computing theoretical predictions. They manage to calculate probabilities for processes that happened billions of years ago – and go even further than that. Their work creates a milestone in developing a new language in physics, a new geometrical way to ask questions and to find answers about the origins of the universe.

Paolo and William give us a “Video-Q&A” on the most important topics of their common work – and about why they do all this.

Their joint paper is Physical Representations for Scattering Amplitudes and the Wavefunction of the Universe

April 11, 2022